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One card heads up against the dealer. The highest card wins. If you tie, you can “Go to War.” Play just like you did when you were a kid.


Similar to the classic game you might remember from earlier days. This game is a heads-up competition of Player vs. Dealer and the highest card wins! If the Player and Dealer cards are a tie, then the Player has an option to “Go to war” or surrender. To Go to War, the Player will have to match their initial wager and then three cards are burned face down before the Player receives a second card. Dealer performs the same procedure for their hand. The Player is paid only on their initial wager if their second card beats the Dealer’s second card, but the Player is paid on both wagers if their second card again ties the Dealer’s second card. And there’s another fun option: Players have the option to wager on a “Tie Bonus” where four different kinds of specified tied hands pay up to 200:1 on your wager. Even better, you still have the option of Going to War or surrendering is still be available. In Casino War, the Ace is always the highest card.

Going to “War”

If the dealer and player each receive a card of equal rank (e.g., 5 and 5), then the player has the option of going to “War.”  If the players accepts “War”, they’ll need to match their initial wager and receive a new card. The dealer’s hand will also draw a new card to determine the winner.  Get paid twice as much if the new cards are also a match! If qualifying players decline to go to “War,” they will surrender their hand and lose only half of their initial bet.  However, an optional bonus Tie bet will still pay out accordingly (up to 200:1).


Four-of-a-Kind200 to 1
Double Tie40 to 1
Suited Tie20 to 1
Basic Tie5 to 1

The bonus tie bet is an optional bet for the players who placed a base bet. The rules are as follows:

Bonus Tie Bets must be placed prior to the initial deal
Bonus Tie Bets are $1 to $50 bet to qualify for a Bonus Tie Bet Payoff.