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Three card poker

Three Card Poker, or TCP, is an exciting table game that has developed from the basics of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. The objective of TCP is to create the best three card poker hand while trying to beat the dealer’s hand. Bonus options that pay up to 1000:1 introduced!


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Lesson 1 - Basics

In this lesson you will learn the objective and basic fundamentals of how to play Three Card Poker. The course begins with a breakdown of the TCP Poker Hand Rankings. Our instructor then explains how to place wagers and receive your cards.

Lesson 2 - Bonus Options

In this lesson you will learn your bonus options in TCP. The course will begin with a breakdown of a Three Card Pair Plus, and Six Card Bonus hand rankings. Our instructor will introduce how to place your bonus wager and what it takes to qualify to win either of these two bonus options.