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Baccarat Gold 1.0

Baccarat Gold 1.0 is played around the world and is one of the most popular games at Casino M8trix. Known for its simplicity, the objective of Baccarat Gold 1.0 is to get closest to the point value of 9 by betting on either the Player or Banker hand.  Introducing bonus options that pay up to $2,000!

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Julie's Videos

Lesson 1 - Basics

In this lesson you will learn the objective and basic fundamentals of how to play Baccarat Gold 1.0. The course begins with a breakdown of your two wager options, Banker or Player. Our instructor then explains the point values of each card which reveals how you get closest to 9!

Lesson 2 - Bonus Options

In this lesson you with learn a bonus option in Baccarat Gold 1.0. The course begins with introducing our popular Bonus Gold Bet. Our instructor will explain how you place your bonus wager and what it takes to win this bonus option!